Behaviour Change for Executives

If you’re a leader changing your behaviour is tough – unless you have Marshall Goldsmith in your corner.

Choose. Change a behaviour or have root canal treatment without novocaine? Be honest you had to think about it didn’t you… and then went for the trip to the Dentist. You might think that this is strange question, at least on this blog; especially given our view that behaviour is a feature of the system. But what if you’re one of the leaders – the ones that create the system and you want to change – how might you go about it?

You’d have to start by defining what you want to change. Maybe you’ve treated a colleague badly and destroyed a relationship and want to make amends? You could be a bad listener who bulldozes over his colleagues and client’s ideas? Or what if you can’t say no?

There is a process that can help. It starts with the leader getting feedback and deciding what behaviours to change. Agree a plan for change. Get support from a coach. Of course there are a lot more moving parts than this, so the best bet would be to talk to one of the world’s leaders on executive behavioural change.

Marshall Goldsmith is your man. He’s been voted as one of the world’s top leadership thinkers and the number 1 executive coach. He’s coached CEOs and Presidents, and has more air miles than George Clooney’s character in the film ‘Up in the Air’.

I recently had the honour of interviewing Marshall, and he gave me the low down on how he helps leaders change. Do not miss this one – he is outstanding.

In the interview he makes an offer to get an article or to get involved in his coaching process for free – if once you’ve listened you want to take advantage of his offer you can email him at and his new book ‘Triggers‘ is available on Amazon. (No, Marshall isn’t paying me commission; I just think it’s a good book).

Or you could always just opt for the dentist.


Listen to Marshall’s interview here

Or read the transcript (PDF).


Behaviour Change for Executives

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