Change Management Strategies:Top Tips for Building a Strategy


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You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve managed to twist the arm of a business guru so you can get some top tips on building a strategy. Robin Field, ex Chairman and CEO of Filofax, was for many years, the business partner of Richard Koch. Richard wrote two best selling strategy books, ‘Smart Strategy, and The Financial Times Guide to Strategy’.

Robin worked alongside Richard, to turn around failing businesses. In 1998 Robin took charge of Filofax. At the time it was a dying business and its shares were trading at 30p per share. Within one year he turned the business around and during its floatation the shares changed hands for £2.10 per share with a return on investment of 27%

In this short interview Robin explains:

  • Why CEO’s should work on only the vital issues in a business
  • How to build your strategy from the customer backwards
  • The 3 most important activities when taking over as a new manager
  • The exact strategy he used to turn around Filofax (you’ll kick yourself when you hear it, it’s so simple)
  • What goes wrong in the handover of a business that involves family members
  • How being lazy is a great attribute for running a business and running your life. Yep, less work with more success!

I believe that this is an interview you’ll want to keep and play at your next team meeting.

Listen to the Interview here

I truly hope that you get value from the recording. I also have an interview lined up with Jim Mather, the Scottish Minister for Enterprise. If you have a question you’d like me to put to him please mail me directly at with ‘minister’s question’ in the subject line.

Now listen up, I have something truly unique for you

Over the past 11 years that I have been using the Vanguard method I have kept detailed notes of how to apply it within service organisations. Every time the method was upgraded either by myself or another member of the Vanguard team I made a note.

Eighteen months ago I started to document in sequential detail exactly how to use our method to turn around a failing organisation, or make an already good organisation great.

The book was ready to launch in July but having read it, John Seddon, Vanguard’s chairman, asked me not to release the book. In his view it simply gave away too many of our secrets.

Since July I’ve literally begged (on your behalf) to be allowed to give you a copy. John agreed on the condition that I customise the book. So I had Ron Skea, our call centre expert, make the examples in the book specific to service centres.

But the good news is that book applies to any service organisation (except of course project environments).

So don’t let me down. I’ve promised John that those who bought the entire system would not pass it around or steal our ideas. Though you are free to use the information to dramatically improve service, slash your costs, boost morale and for those in the private sector, vastly improve your competitive advantage.

The system actually comes with three e-books that show you how to complete the check, plan and implementation stages of a change programme. There are templates for gathering demand, and process mapping. You also get the whole thing in MP3. And there are bonuses!

It’s available from Monday. If you register before the launch you get a 50% discount.

And if you’re worried that for the price of a visit to the cinema you get no value from the system, it comes with a guarantee of a full refund.

You have until Monday to register for the 50% offer, after that I release it to the market.

And when we do other versions of the book, you get free updates for life “mine not yours”.

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Stuart Corrigan

Change Management Strategies:Top Tips for Building a Strategy