More About ‘Getting Things Done’

Thanks to everyone who has requested more information about the Getting Things Done® productivity methodology following the last blog. The people you really want to talk to about this are Todd Brown and Ed Lamont, the managing partners of Next Action Associates in the UK (the only UK company certified to teach this method).   You can visit their website at  (Just remember to quote ‘Vanguard10’ if you’re interested in a course as you’ll qualify for a 10% discount).

Meanwhile for those of you looking for more here’s an excellent interview with David Allen (the inventor of the method) from Fast Company magazine that goes into more detail and provides a good starter for ten!

Fast Company Interview – The Father Of "Getting Things Done": You’re Getting Me All Wrong
"It’s 10:47 a.m., and Dave Allen, the man behind the world’s most popular productivity system and eponymous bestselling book, is sitting across from me at a cafe in Amsterdam, sipping a glass of white wine. He wants to clarify something..."


More About ‘Getting Things Done’

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