I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year. Typically this is the time we use to plan the next 12 months – I trust you have some ambitious goals.

The problem often in an organisational sense is, after having set a good ambitious goal, we ask the question ‘now how will we get there?’ and are frequently found lacking in method.

Do any of these sound like questions you’d like to be able to answer for your organisation?

‘How do I make large IT changes that deliver the end result on time and in budget?’
‘How to I deliver new products that meet what the customer needs in the right timescale?’
‘What’s the process for building and implementing a new strategy?’
‘How do I baseline a new project so that we can get some idea of when it might deliver?’
‘How can I change direction once a project is in flight?’
‘What roles are required in a project?’
‘What is the typical makeup of a project team?’
‘What measures should I use for my project?’
‘How do I manage projects day to day?’
‘How do I design for a digital world?’

If any of these sound familiar then join our 1 day strategy and project workshop where we will cover:

  • Strategy design
  • Design for digital
  • Building project networks
  • Managing projects day to day
  • Using measures in projects
  • Project roles
  • How to run a daily stand up
  • Managing stakeholders

The day will be in the Edinburgh area around mid February and the cost will be £495 ex VAT. At this stage just let us know if you’re interested and then, depending on numbers, we’ll finalise logistics.

If you are interested in attending email with the word seminar and simply say yes. Then once we have the numbers we’ll get back to you.

Look forward to seeing you there.



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