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Change Management Consultancy

Discover the tools to change your organisation for the better.

The Vanguard Method has become synonymous with change programmes that actually work.

The first step is to discover how well your service is performing, how much potential for improvement there is, where, and what sort of difference you could make. We call this a Service Check.

Vanguard consultancy

Service Check

Taking only a few days of our consultant’s time a Service Check gets you a clear picture of what’s working, what’s not and why, fast.

In the process of checking your service we will train a small team of your frontline and management staff on how to think about your service delivery like a customer, collect and analyse data and map work processes to identify problems, assess their impact and pinpoint underlying causes.

We will then present our findings and armed with this knowledge you can decide what to do next.


If following a service check you would like to make improvements to your service, we will work with managers and staff to redesign work processes and to train and mentor new skills to achieve sustainable culture and performance improvements that will deliver the most effective service possible.

Typically clients find they are able to significantly improve their service delivery, reduce operating costs, improve staff morale (and it's associated impacts) and improve capacity.

What results can you expect from our support in your change process?

  • Consistent first class customer service delivery
  • Happier customers
  • Improved performance that lasts
  • More capacity without adding additional resources
  • More effective staff
  • Improved organisational culture, staff morale and reduced sickness and staff turnover levels
  • More confidence in your leadership, both from yourself and others
  • A stronger organisation

What to do next

If you’d like to find out how your organisation can benefit from Vanguard Scotland’s onsite consultancy and training, get in touch on 0131 440 2600 or via

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