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Change Management Case Studies

Vanguard Scotland have facilitated change programmes in leading organisations spanning different sectors for over 20 years. You'll find evidence of how they've overcome issues related to processes, costs, strategies, operations and staff morale, and at the same time boosted their customer service levels.

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council housing service case study

Case Study: How Improving Service Can Cut Operating Costs in Housing

Clackmannanshire Council reduced its housing budget spend by £720,000 per annum whilst making tenants happier. Find out what we did and the rewards gained.

Open Case Study (PDF)

council homeless service case study

Case Study: Improving the Homelessness Service in Midlothian

The Council were experiencing increasing numbers of homeless enquiries, were being crushed under an ever-growing B&B accomodation bill and clients were waiting longer and longer for resolutions. Something had to give. They called in Vanguard to help them identify solutions.

Open Case Study (PDF)

call centre case study

Case Study: Call Centre Improvement at O2

As one of the giants of the Telecomms industry O2 suffers what all large organisations are endangered by, habitual thinking and the hidden operational costs of the waste it generates. See what happened when they broke their routines and examined their processes up close.

Open Case Study (PDF)

human resources case study

Case Study: Human Resources & Payroll in Camden

With over 5,000 employees to look after London's Camden Borough Council HR department are busy people, but with Vanguard's help they discovered they were not always busy in useful ways. See how they managed to identify ineffective practices, gain control of their working culture and reduce wasted capacity by 50%.

Open Case Study (PDF)

food safety case study

Case Study: Food Health & Safety Inspection in Lincoln

Many managers believe the tight regulatory framework they work in prevents them making significant change. The City of Lincoln Council shows us how it's done with an 89% improvement in the time taken to make unsafe food businesses in Lincoln safe for the public again.

Open Case Study (PDF)

shared elderly assesment

Case Study: Single Shared Assessment in Dundee

Council and NHS services joined forces to improve the process of assessing needs before care was provided.
Find out how these professionals made their referral process 75% faster by focussing on what mattered to the service users.

Open Case Study (PDF)

council planning service case study

Case Study: West Lindsay District Council Planning

Planning departments often attract criticism for poor levels of customer service. This case study highlights one particular planning department working to save money and to improve their service and value for money for their customers. Find out how they doubled the number of applications they completed in under 5 weeks.

Open Case Study (PDF)

physiotherapy case study

Case Study: NHS Tayside Community Physio Service

Professionals in this service face problems with increasing waiting times, increasing demand for service and pressure to make financial savings. Several 'traditional solutions' had been tried but the problems persisted. This case study shows how these health professionals reduced patient waiting times from 14 weeks to a maximum of 2 weeks.

Open Case Study (PDF)

call centre case study

Case Study: VELUX (UK) Call Centre Improvement

An already successful organisation improved their call centre service quality by focussing on what matters to customers. The change lead to £1 million in savings and a significant drop in staff turnover.

Open Case Study (PDF)

housing case study

Case Study: Glasgow Housing Association

This case study illustrates how Scotland's largest social landlord managed to save £2 million in rent arrears, improve service performance and reduce the time taken to turnaround empty properties from 56 days to just 13 days.

Open Case Study (PDF)

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