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Report: De-stressing Casework Systems

Report: work methods that reducing human and system strain in casework environments

Free white paper on how to reduce time, costs and improve service for managers of casework systems.

This paper is designed to help managers working in the following sectors:

  • A claims business or department (car, home, business)
  • A health claims business
  • A life of pensions business where the objective is to manage the set up or pay out a policy.
  • A product design business.
  • A marketing agency.
  • A public sector planning department.
  • A housing voids department.
  • A law firm.
  • A complex sales order business or department.

If you manage a business, department or team in one of the above sectors you'll know that the work is complex and challenging relying on lots of interaction with customers and third parties.

At Vanguard Scotland we have been studying and improving businesses in these sectors for over 10 years, and we know how to get results fast.

Our white paper explains the common mistakes that managers make, what to do differently, and shows the results others have achieved in similar circumstnces.

To receive the paper simply email for a PDF copy of this paper.

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