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Report: work methods that reducing human and system strain in casework environments

De-stressing Casework Systems

Discover an alternative working methodology to reduce time, costs and improve service for managers of casework systems. Without spending millions on IT.

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Report: Managing Complex Environments

Managing Complex Environments

Casework environments such as insurance claims, housing services, pensions and many more, can present some of the most complex change challenges. In this report we help you identify whether your environment can be thought of as a casework one, what often goes wrong in them and how to fix it.

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Report: Leveraging performance management to achieve your strategy

Improve Performance & Rapidly Achieve your Strategy

This report focuses on implementation rather than analysis and includes examples of real life successes and failures encountered during Vanguard's 15 years of experience consulting to help turn around ailing businesses and public services.

It also covers how to translate standards from manufacturing into service organisations. Something most businesses traditionally struggle to make a success of.

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Vanguard Scotland report on how to lead an organisation

How to Lead an Organisation... Properly

Based on over a decade's experience of being called into help turn around ailing businesses, Vanguard Scotland offers advice on leadership models for running our organisations that translate into actions for better work design, the engagement of people and ultimately, results.

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improving housing services

Turning Around Failure in Housing Services

In a short series of 3 free reports we challenge the assumptions around how to design and run social housing systems and offer answers on how to run them better and cheaper.

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10 reasons why change programmes fail

10 Reasons Why Change Programmes Fail

The pitfalls that can sink a change programme are many and varied, but fortunately we have a list to help you avoid them...

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Managing a Planning Authority

Managing a Local Authority Planning System

Why planning isn’t working and what to do about it. A change in planning requires a new system of validation, measurement and policy, as well as distribution and management of work.

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Vanguard food safety inspection systems improvement report

Food Safety Performance Improvement Report

From our work in local authority food health and safety inspection systems as both consultants and researchers, Vanguard have found common issues and solutions potentially applicable to many areas of the system.

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