Training & Consultancy in Systems Thinking

3-day Systems Thinking Management Workshop

Duration: 3-days

Location: In-house

Max class size: 8 delegates

Cost: £3,600 (ex VAT)
(Approx £450 per delegate for a full class).

systems thinking and change management training

Discover your organisation's weaknesses, so you can make them stronger...

Learn the skills needed to discover how much scope your organisation has for improving service, reducing costs and/or improving revenue.

Offered only by Vanguard, the 3-day Fundamentals of Systems Thinking Management Workshop will introduce you to using systems thinking concepts in service organisations. It will also enable you to identify the benefits that could be achieved by using these concepts in your specific organisation.

  • Find out how and where best to start making changes. Discover a systematic way to identify the points of greatest leverage that will deliver the largest performance improvements.
  • Discover much more effective alternatives to team-building adventures, dress-down Fridays and rewards as a means to improve your staff morale.
  • Learn how to look at whether processes are helping or hindering your operation's focus on delivering what actually matters to customers.

This course is delivered on customer site. We are happy for you to recruit delegates from other organisations if you wish or you can keep it exclusively in-house. We regret we are not able to provide public courses for individuals.

To enquire about delivering this course in your company please email or call us on 0131 440 2600.


What some of our clients have said:

“Practical sessions which give you the opportunity to put the theory in practice.”
Mark Prince, Senior Developer/Architect CASCAiD

“Quite honestly 3 of the best informative, practical and fun days. Learnt so much that is going to help me be a better consultant”
Fiona Kinder, Senior Organisational Development Officer Stockport City Council

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